Sidewalk Sing Alongs

What's a Summer Sidewalk Singalong? Exactly what it sounds like!: We sing, dance, and jam...on your sidewalk (or driveway or front porch! :) ), while maintaining social distancing guidelines! Choose your 4 favorite Music Together®® songs, we’ll show up near your front porch/curbside and the Music Together-style you know and love! If you don't know any or can't narrow it down, don't worry, we have plenty of songs in our back pockets that will get your toes tapping and your family giggling!

Email a teacher today!

Christine  , Gina (Thomaston/Watertown)

or text Michelle at (203) 470-3527

to schedule your sidewalk sing along today!


Somethings to know...


  • While social distancing guidelines are in effect, there is zero contact between our teacher and your family. 

  • We don't come inside your home. We can make music on your porch, yard, walkway, driveway, etc, maintaining more than a 6-ft distance. It's safer than going to the store! (Apartment dwellers...we can figure something out!)

  • We don't bring instruments or props to share, only for our own use. But please bring out your favorites from inside your house! Something to shake & something to click are good to start.

  • As much as we'd like to, we don't hug or even touch your babies, & we won't shake your hand at this time.

  • If your child comes toward us during the jam session...not to worry! We will stand up and back up, giving you time and space to scoop 'em up. However, we have found that they're more in awe that we're there than curious about our guitar!


  • You do NOT need to be a currently enrolled family to sign up for a Sidewalk Singalong!


  • Payments are made directly to the teacher when booking the sidewalk sing along.  Payments must be made via paypal or venmo to hold your sing along time. 


Let us bring our award-winning, developmentally appropriate, musically immersive program to you, to your sidewalk or front porch! While we can't be together in person, we can bring your favorite Music Together songs to your family while maintaining social distancing protocols. Appointments are filling now!