Our Teachers

photo Leslie Pratt

Center Director and Certification Level 1 Teacher

photo Adam Martin

Adam began his adventures with Music Together® in January 2017 when he and his wife began taking their daughter, who was 3 months old at the time, to Leslie's classes. He quickly became immersed in the curriculum, spending most of his free time singing songs with his daughter. When the opportunity came along to train in teaching the curriculum, he quickly took advantage of it and completed his training in December 2017. Besides Music Together, Adam has been playing music all over New England for almost 20 years and has shared the stage with several local and national acts, most notably 80's pop star Tiffany and pop-rock group Simple Plan. He has also been involved with several choruses, chorales, and a cappella groups since the age of 8.

photo Michelle Wenis

Michelle Wenis is a 200 hour trained yoga teacher with additional prenatal and children's yoga training. She delights in the “newness” she has the priviledge to witness when moms-to-be connect more deeply with their pregnancy experience, consistently to their self care, and bond with their in-utero babies.  She shares mental, emotional and physical tools to her students, drawn from years of having been a natural childbirth educator with her husband, from both the hospital and home birth of their two sons, and from having taught classes, since 2004, in Fairfield and Litchfield counties, as well as NYC over the years.  In 2014, she wrote, sang and recorded her first children's album “How We Grow: LITTLEseed Program” which she paired with her Baby & Me classes. She delights in receiving reminders from her former students, how her music and classes helped them bond with their babies and provided them with a strong foundational Mama Village Community.  She is beyond thrilled to expand her skill set and ability to reach more families with her message of nurturing as a Music Together teacher, sharing incredible music, play and lovingly researched and backed curriculum! Music has always fed her heart and soul and has been a way for her to find her peace.

photo Bonnie Lee Panda

Bonnie Lee Panda fell in love with Music Together after just 2 weeks of going to class with her youngest daughter, Ashlyn (2 years old). While being in class with Ashlyn was entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable, it was what her daughter did outside of the class that really sold Bonnie on the program. Ashlyn began singing all of the time and dancing to the beat of her own drum. When Bonnie heard her 2 year old sing the D Arabic melody of a song from India, she knew she wanted to be a part of the Music Together program. Bonnie’s love for music began as a young child. Her oldest sister thought that the songs Bonnie wrote at 10 years old were “cool,” so Bonnie knew she was on to something. Singing led to learning the guitar which led to songwriting and living in Music City, Nashville, TN for 8 years. Bonnie and her husband recently moved back to Connecticut to be closer to her extended family for their 2 girls. She trained classically in voice for 15 years and guitar for 10. She has taught private vocal, guitar and piano lessons and has donated her time and talents in performances at assisted living, hospice and nursing homes, shelters, benefits for recovery centers, for hunger and homelessness awareness, and other events for worthy causes. She also presents musical, educational workshops for second to sixth graders, covering topics like self-esteem, respect and anti-bullying. She is very excited to be a part of the Soulshine family.

photo Christine Rangel
  Jennifer Hotchkiss
photo Lana LaChance

Lana LaChance is a licensed professional counselor, intuitive energy healer, and soul supporter, guiding you to own your self worth and discover your true purpose. Drawing upon both psychotherapeutic training and holistic approaches, Lana combines traditional and alternative methods to emotional and spiritual strengthening through personal healing services, family healing services and group sessions. She will gently guide and respectfully challenge you to shine a light on your soul.

photo Gina Hepp

Gina has had a deep passion for music throughout her entire life.  At the age of eight, Gina began studying violin and has loved learning and playing music of all styles ever since.  Her love for music flourished as she gained more experience by performing in orchestras, at weddings, and singing in a traveling chamber ensemble.  After working as a summer camp supervisor for many years, Gina put her love for music and children together and earned her bachelors and masters degree in Music Education from Western Connecticut State University in Danbury, CT.  After spending five wonderful years as Orchestra Director at Dodd Middle School in Cheshire, CT, Gina has since resigned from her position in order to pursue her lifelong dream of being a mother.  Gina discovered the magic of Music Together when she found out she was expecting and knew it was the right fit for her when she learned about the philosophy behind this incredible program. She firmly believes that making music should be fun, joyful, shared experience.

  Chelsie Marple

Art project teacher extraordinaire !

  Brian Ward