Supporting the Lyle Family

One of our beloved Soulshine families is going through an unbelievably challenging time. It is an honor for us to come together as a community to support the Lyle family. Thank you for any donation you can make - every cent will go directly to the family to help ease the burden of their medical bills, to pay for gas to be with Quinn at Yale, and to help their family in whatever way is needed. Please feel free to leave any messages for the family in the comments section when making your donation. Thank you!

From Samantha, Andrew and big sister Olivia:

On January 16th, exactly one month after being admitted to the hospital for PPROM, someone decided they were sick and tired of being monitored in mommy’s belly. Miss Quinn Patricia entered the world after a very scary emergency cesarean at 25w6d gestation. It started with contractions that eventually had stopped her little heart from beating for 3-4 minutes.
She is beautiful, perfect and doing well!!! 1lb 6oz and 13” of feistiness. Her vitals have been great, heart rate sitting at 145-150 BPM, relying on her oxygen for only 30% of her breathing. Mommy is feeling good, tired and sore, but that’s to be expected, and I’ll be sent home in the next few days.
Quinn will have an extended stay, more than likely as close to her April due date as possible.

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