Pelacore - core & pelvic floor fitness

Holly Dixon
Soulshine Arts (location map)
Wednesday, 11:30 AM - 12:15 PM
01/15/20 - 02/19/20 (5 weeks)

Children are welcome at this class. Please no snacks in the classroom but you're welcome to bring in toys! Our 5 week session is $75. 

Pelacore is a fun and challenging core strengthening program that combines the science of physical therapy with core techniques from Pilates, yoga and barre, making it both effective and enjoyable.  Pelacore was created by Natalie Padveen, a physical therapist and certified fitness instructor, and it is accredited by the National Academy of Sport Medicine.

Pelacore uniquely integrates core training with pelvic floor exercises, addressing the needs of the lumbopelvic anatomy and working all the pelvic core muscles in functional unison. This leads to a stronger core which can end lower pain, improve posture, build endurance, strengthen abs, eliminate urinary incontinence, and improve other pelvic floor problems.