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Music Together® is the leading music curriculum for early-learning settings serving children ages birth through seven, offered at thousands of locations around the world. A comprehensive, research-based program, Music Together is designed to be easily integrated into any school environment, such as childcare settings, preschools, and public, independent, and faith-based schools. The Music Together curriculum is designed to benefit everyone it touches—children, families, teachers, and the entire school community.


Music Together’s primary goal is to support children’s music development so they can achieve tonal and rhythmic competence. Yet the rich, play-based learning environment created by Music Together’s developmentally appropriate approach to music-learning also fosters children’s growth in other domains essential to school and life success. At Music Together, we understand that Music Learning Supports All Learning®, and our curriculum and program model support:

  • Music Learning and Development
  • Language Development and Emergent Literacy
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Cognition and General Knowledge
  • Physical and Motor Development
  • Approaches to Learning

Soulshine Arts currently provides The Music Together® Preschool Program to:

Century Nursery School, Bristol CT

Children's Village, Wolcott CT

Hilltop Christian Early Learning Center, Torrington, CT


To learn more about our In School offerings please contact Leslie at or 857-998-0780